Giving back while going green: Philanthropy and your Green Business

We have strength in numbers, and many of us donating just a little bit can create a massive effect. I truly believe that the more you give away, the more you receive, and this has been true in my own experience.

Consider your own efforts multiplied by 1000, or 10,000: when all of us pledge to support our communities, we create massive positive good in the world.

Does it work? In a word, yes.


  • Look at the trends for green businesses, where many individual companies are taking steps to operate sustainability. We are able to divert hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste from the landfill.
  • Look at ideas like locavorism, Meatless Monday, and raw foods. We take the hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel associated with production, shipping, refrigeration, and transport out of the equation.
  • Look at the trends in political fundraising, where more and more "small donors" at the grassroots level create a snowball effect that raises millions of dollars.

When I think about success, I think about my own ability to contribute back to the causes and issues I care about. I encourage you to do the same in your own community. With a successful green business, you have the opportunity to do what's right and share the bounty– we make a difference when we work together.

Love HeartHere are three main ways for you to give back:

1) Donate money. Even $25 goes a long way, especially if you recruit 30 of your friends to give $25 each. Think about each of us working together and consider how you can consolidate a number of small donations. Perhaps you host a get-together at a local green cafe? Throw a cocktail hour to share tips on going green, and encourage donations. Or raise funds for your next athletic event.

2) Donate time. You might have an extra hour of the week where you can volunteer. If so, consider volunteering either online or in-person to support a cause that's close to your heart. For example, my husband reads to the local elementary school on Fridays because literacy and the joy of imagination and creativity is very important to him.

3) Donate talent. You probably have a skill that you are using to enhance your green business. If you have a skill to share, there is a community-based, charitable, religious, educational, or scientific group in your neighborhood that needs your help. See what you can do to share some of your knowledge.

How do you benefit your community? I challenge you to create a measurable effect because of your actions.

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