Girly Green Things

Like most gals, we like fun little trinkets & pretty things. Especially when it's green! Here are some girly green things we've come across lately, why we like em' & where you can grab em'!

Botanical Paperwork's Plantable Desk Calendars keeps giving even after the months have passed.  Embedded with wild flower seeds, each sheet can be planted after use.  Girls love pretty stationeries and we love flowers even more!  Grab your very own before the new year starts at  Along with plantable calendars, they also carry a variety of stationery products from greeting cards to journals.
Stylish and Reusable Goody Green Bags – It is such a good feeling to walk out of a store without a single plastic bag holding your purchased items. It took a few tries before remembering the reusable bags before heading out to shop, but with a nifty little item like the Goody Green Bag, you're always prepared.  The stylish bag that folds into the size of an envelope fits easily in a purse or the car's glove compartment.  Pick a fashionable design that fits your funky style at, and for a limited time get 15% off!
Heaven Scent Organic Tea Lights (Cranberry) – For a nice bath I yearn for a subtle scent to set a calming mood. I use these organic, heaven scented tea light candles from ScentedCandleShop to do the trick. If you'd rather smell your bath soap yet still enjoy the candlelit atmosphere, ScentedCandleShop also carry these rechargeable candles.  No wax, no mess, no fuss.

Change, A Starter Kit – For my friends that say "I just don't know where to start." I've got just the thing! This starter kit has everything you need to stimulate the mind and guide you to the right direction.  Items in this handy dandy kit includes a stylish  reusable tote, CFL light bulb, envelope addressed & stamped to a four star charity, 3 gratitude cards, a sodoku booklet, a treeless journal, recycled pencil & fair trade hot chocolate. You can grab this gift that keeps on giving at

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