Girl on Tour: Styling The Crystal Method in Sustainable Threads

Clothes and style can be important when you are in the public eye. Fashion is a statement of how you choose to characterize yourself. Until recently, as with most things, it was mainly about actual style. Today we have more to consider as we realize that everything we do in life has an impact. We can choose this or choose that but either way our choices DO make a difference.

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Ken sports Cotam shirt picked up at Visionary Boutique in L.A.I had to pick up some more Toms (hey there was a sale at a boutique in Aspen ;)
Ken sports Covenant Green tee says "Make Green not War"Ken sports a Viper Black tee & Simple Shoes

We have tons of magazines that showcase celebrity style. It was just last night in Budapest at the Sziget Festival that I saw in person how important fashion can be for people. We had the Russian MTV storm into The Crystal Method's trailer in eagerness after the show asking them about not just their spectacular show they just put on, but what they were into regarding fashion. "We are into trendy, all things trendy -please tell us what you find is trendy" they said. For the most part, both Ken and Scott are down to Earth. They are pretty much t-shirt and jeans guys. The answer they gave last night was pure. They basically said they don't follow trends with either fashion or music; inspiration for them comes from the heart regardless of current trends.

Cotam organic tee "LEDs Rock" (the lights) -"Stop Global Warming" bracelet from Rothbury Festival Ken in Sacramento wearing Rise Up & Sanuks I sport Rise Up at the Portland show with recycled bottle cap earrings

I see clearly how people that have a following have influence over their following and perhaps just people that follow people that have followings. There are areas in every part of the world that are still developing and therefore, highly impressionable. I think it's important that we reflect our beliefs. Fashion can be a passive way to show the world what you care about. More than that, sustainable fashion goes beyond just a material reflection of our spirit, it is an extension thereof into the world. Sustainable fashion and those moving toward it, do the world better. Organic materials do not use pesticides and therefore lead to less pollution. The use of new inks which are more environmentally friendly release less toxins and also lead to less pollution in the production cycle. Recycled material in our fashion means that we do not spend energy on new production and it re-purposes material which would have otherwise went to waste. By supporting these industry changes we support a vision for a new, less toxic, more sustainable world.

Scott sports Covenant Green: Live Green!Scott in Revenge Is tee
A Nate Organics tee given to us by Vancouver's Planet Claire, member of eco-group Fashion HighScott in Imaginary Foundation & Ken in Revenge Is tee with his trusty Simples

Ken had actually told me before we set out for the first leg of the U.S. tour that he only wanted to wear sustainable fashion from here on out on stage and in press so I decided as part of my consulting, I would act as an impromtu stylist and get the guys some eco-threads before setting out on the first leg of their U.S. tour back in May. We got the guys shirts from Revenge Is, 7 Lightning Bolt, Viper Black, Covenant Green, Rise Up International (Humanitarian organization moving toward organics) and Cotam tees from Visionary Boutique. For shoes, Ken went with Simples and Sanuks. Along the way, and from our eco-table groups we adopted some shirts from groups such as Sea Shepherds, Save the Blue, 1 Sky and Fashion High's Planet Claire & Nate Organics. Below is our small photo documentary of The Crystal Method Divided by Night tour thus far for 2009 in reference to eco-fashion.

Recently in Kazantip Festival in the Ukraine, Ken sports Save the Blue tee from our eco-table group in Ft. Lauderdale Scott in Imaginary Foundation & Ken in 7 Lightning Bolt
Ken in Rise Up & taking a picture with the Sea Shepherds, our Eco-table in Seattle at the USC party Our Visual Production Manager air drys his TCM uniform tee

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Ken sports his 1 Sky tee, our eco-table from HoustonGreen Geisha in Meghan, Scott in Imaginary Foundation, & Ken in Sea Shepherds

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