Get the most out of your Universal Studios Hollywood visit

Local or not, It's fun to play 'tourist' @ Universal Studios!


What I look forward to most on weekends is time spent with family and
away from my computer.  Living in Cali for so many years, it seems we've hit
up most of the "Things To Do" around town.  However, there are attractions
like Universal Studios Hollywood that we enjoy going back to again and again and



With awesome weather ahead, Universal Studios is
a great option if you're looking to spend the day outdoors while enjoying fun
attractions.  Last week, however, the rain was on and off but a little
moisture doesn't stop us from enjoying our day.



Planning a visit? Here are some tips on
getting the most out of your Universal Studios trip:



  • Keep an eye out for online offers and local

  • Plan ahead. Here's

    the map
    . Figure out which attractions are "a must" and head there first.
    For my family, it was the

    Revenge of the Mummy ride
    . Though, this ride was all the way at end of
    the park, heading there first paid off as it was COMPLETELY EMPTY. We went 3
    times back to back and didn't event have to get off.
  • If you have a child with you, the park now
    offers "Child Switch" on some rides. This allows one parent to wait
    with the child while the other parent and family members ride, and then
    switch when they depart, without having to wait in line again.
  • Bring healthy snacks. Universal Studios does
    allow you to bring fruits and veggies so don't feel that you're stuck with
    burgers and fries for the day. Get more details here:



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