Get Organized & Green in Your Office & Home w/ Naked Binder

Organizing your home or office can be a merge of a design and sustainability. Naked Binder offers you with a great selection of both eco friendly and recycled binders that allows you to organize your home or office to your liking.

Customized eco friendly 3-ring binder - Naked Binder Classic BinderCustomized recycled 3-ring binder - Naked Binder's Classic binderCustomized sustainable 3-ring binder - Naked Eames Binder

Naked Binder’s line of eco friendly, sustainable office supplies is a sustainable product and design element in one. No longer are you stuck with toxic and ugly binders on your shelves. With Naked Binder you have 130 choices of colors and styles so you can organize your papers and still keep your office looking professional.

Can a change in your office supplies really save 40-60 million pounds of toxic landfill annually, conserve water, forests and energy, keep you healthier and save you money? Yes it can.

Naked Binder has set out to change how we think about our office supplies by creating a line of sustainable products that last longer, made from 100% post consumer waste board and are 100% recyclable. Each purchase also contributes to preserving wilderness areas.

Naked Binder do not have any plastics, vinyl or toxins. They are safe for you, your children, pets and loved ones. These sustainable binders are acid free so they won’t harm your contents – whether you are preparing for tax season, working on your novel or storing your child’s artwork. They are also 100% recyclable. Our binders were
tested and we found that they do not have any phthalates which are implicated in many health issues and banned from children’s toys.

A bare board binder is actually far stronger than the vinyl binders you use now allowing you to use less. We designed them to last ten years. To test them

Naked Binder sent our binders to an independent lab where they were flexed 250,000 times without failing. That is 34 years if you use a binder 20 times a day.

Sizing eco friendly 3-ring binders - Naked Binder

Our products are designed to last, inspire and do better in the world and workplace. They are affordable and healthier for both people and the planet.
Naked Binder is working to design better products.


About Naked Binder

Naked Binder, a US company based in Iowa, has crafted a series of 3-ring binders, tab sets and folders made from 100% post-consumer recycled waste and are 100% recyclable. Their wide range of durable, modifiable binders last longer and are far healthier than the ubiquitous vinyl binders. You can visit our website Naked Binder
to check out our entire line of products or give us a call anytime at 877-446-2533.

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