Funky Finds: Fused Plastic

Do you have a drawer full of plastic bags collected over the years before the nifty reusable totes came out?

 Besides returning them to a recycling bin at your local grocery store, here's another helpfull way to make use of & reuse that unsightly collection. This week's Funky Finds are fused plastics!

As seen on  Etsy, this sterling silver necklace with funky flowers made from fused plastic bags gives it a delicate, yet still sturdy, design.

The plastic bag's other life is the fused plastic tote bag. A tote bag constructed from fused plastic bags and thrifted corduroy suit coat. Lined with recycled vinyl table cloth. You can create your own funkadelic mix of your favorite store logos!

Helpful ideas to make use of the tabooed plastic bags.  Even more helpful, Etsy Labs gives us a tutorial on how to fuse plastic! Hooray, project!

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