Funky Find: A Wooden Light Bulb

Designer Ryosuke Fukusada
recently revealed the mystifying
Light Bulb

Wondering how it doesn't burn to bits? The Wooden Light Bulb is actually
an LED bulb encased in a thin wooden shell created by Fukusada using a
Japanese craft technique called Rokuro. 

Product Description:
Wooden Light Bulb

This lamp is created to achieve
the mix of modern design and traditional craft technique. It has
an impression as a solid wood radiate light. In fact, the LED
device is wrapped by wooden shell which is chipped until minimum
thickness with Japanese ‘ROKURO’ technique. The socket is done
by aluminum which suits wood with modern impression. This lamp
has the new attraction by means of using the traditional craft
technique and open up the new value of it.

This project was awarded with the Kyoto renaissance design
competition and still under development

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