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I don't necessarily believe in New Year's resolutions, so much as I believe in making new resolutions all the time to improve my life. Recently my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to modify our life in terms of our breakfast ritual, which was usually egg whites of different preparations and some sort of organic potato or salad combo, followed by a smoothie. Occasionally we would do just cereal and fruit.

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I have been wanting to pull away from eggs for awhile now as I would like to work toward a vegan path. It does seem this will be a New Year's resolution though since the idea sprung up right before the holidays and we made the decision to delay enacting it until we got home from the traveling ;) What is it? For him it will be fruit in the morning for breakfast only and whatever his beverage is of choice; for me it will be fruit till noon.

I first came across the concept in Skinny Bitch (which by the way is an excellent book because they are playing the superficial angle with the name although they are holistic minded, environmentally mindful, hard core vegans). The two female co-authors suggested eating fruit from breakfast until you had to break down and eat something else. Later, in discussing meals with a friend and owner of Green and Greener (an excellent green general store in Valley Village), she mentioned eating fruit all day until dinner. My idea is fruit till noon.

If we only ate organic, whole fruits until basically lunch, think of all the waste we would reduce. Most of us do not live simple, fully sustainable lives and therefore much of our food is packaged. Even if we were careful with our selection of packaged foods, making sure all cardboard was made of recycled content, or that all containers could be recycled, we are still producing a considerable amount of waste at the end of the year with containers for milks (of any kind), cereals, yogurts, etc. The major concern would most likely fall under the "wouldn't that get boring?" category, so let's find out how to make this fun, meaningful, or magical for you.

Make your own ritual of it:

**Visit your farmer's market or different stores that carry certified organic produce.

**Get back in rhythm with the Earth, look into and eat seasonal fruits.

**Go out of your way to investigate different fruits and try them.

**Make it pretty. Eat two or more types of fruit all of different colors.

**Look into different preparations of your fruit. Maybe make mashes, different cuts, juices, sprinkle with organic spices, try with organic cheeses (either dairy or nut) or drizzle with organic sweeteners such as agave.

**Bless your food with positive thoughts, affirmations, visualizations, or prayers.

Even if you decide to eat "fruit till noon" only a couple of days a week, you will be reducing your footprint and everything we do to tread lighter helps. Hopefully this will also give more meaning to your morning than just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal or making a standard egg breakfast. If you decide to monitor the difference it makes for you both personally and towards the Earth, please let me know!

You can inquire how it's working for me (I had my first morning at the house today and therefore started this morning). You may follow or contact me on Twitter @GreenGeisha or at

Happy New Year Green Girls!


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