From candy to fairy dust and beyond

If you have young children at home and don't want them to miss out on trick or treating fun, but also don't want them eating all the candy, here's a simple ploy.

When they get home, allow them to choose a few pieces of candy to eat right then. After they've eaten the candy, tell them that if they get ready for bed very quickly, the Halloween Fairy (some people call it the Halloween Witch, call it anything you like!), just might pay them a visit.

"The Halloween Fairy," you can expalin, "runs out of magic dust every year around this time and needs to replenish her supply. She takes candy, and grinds it up very fine to sprinkle wherever wishes are made. Since a lot of people make wishes, she needs lots of candy to turn into magic dust. So we're going to put the rest of the candy into this basket and place it outside the front door. After you brush your teeth, let's see what the Halloween Fairy left in its place."

You, of course, can place one or two small gifts that your child will love in the basket and remove the candy.

In our experience, young kids love this tradition. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

One question we get asked when we've made this suggestion is, "What do I do with the candy? I certainly don't want to eat it!" The best answer if you plan to toss it, is instead to compost it. Candy does need to be unwrapped, but happily, more and more people are crafting with wrappers. We'd suggest that you collect all the wrappers and then advertise them on Freecycle or Craigslist. You'll no doubt find someone to take them off your hands.

Just two more simple ways to create a Green Halloween.

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