Four Steps to Finding 40 Green Businesswomen to Partner With

It's a new year, a fresh start, and a great time to begin going green or increase your existing efforts in sustainability.

I hope you're finding enthusiasm and excitement in the opportunity we have to connect with one another: green is going mainstream and we all can make a significant difference when we work together.

Here are four straightforward ways for you to find 40 new green businesswomen to partner with: build more and better working relationships, transact hundreds or thousands of dollars, and find ways to increase your ability to get things done.

NOTE: Remember that connections are what set successful women apart: the more "loose networks" we have, the more we are able to make references and connect people, and the better we can find a good match for the right products and services.

I challenge you to build your list of 40 green businesswomen and think about ways to double the income you're currently generating each month by increasing the prosperity and cash flow of everyone on your list. Will we do it? Yes we will!

  • We will refer business to other green business women.
  • We will create green business summits, conferences, and get-togethers locally? (contact me for help with this).
  • We will create partners circles of related services to serve local clients.

As you build your list, consider that quality is better than quantity: you'll want to work with people who share your values and are committed to green principles. Let's get together, girls!

1) Go Green on Twitter
Look for 10 committed green business women in your location

I take very high advantage of the search capabilities of Twitter to find other green women in business who are interested in the same things I am.

A sample search:

You can then use the @username tag to send a message to specific people, or "follow" them for their updates.

In Advanced search, you also find Twitter users near specific locations (e.g. green business within 10 miles of Honolulu), which is another wonderful way to network with others in your local community.

or type in the following into the advanced search box:

green business near:Honolulu within:50mi
where you replace "Honolulu" with your own city




2) Green Girl Gurus
Connect with 10 Gurus and see how to work together

The Green Girl Gurus is a fabulous resource of highly specialized, skilled, compassionate and wonderful teachers. I'm thrilled to be a part of this group, and I invite you to connect with these women directly.

You can read more about them here:

Take a moment to understand each of the Green Girl Guru's areas of expertise.   A wide variety of industries are represented.








3) Green Business Women

Choose 10 other women in the directory — call them up or schedule breakfast is the green business women's directory my company launched late last year.

This directory includes a listing of green business women all over the world for you to review and learn from, and it's also organized by industry.

It's free to register your own existing or new green business, so if you are just getting started, if you'd like to be more green in your own efforts, or if you want to spread the word about your product or service, this is a great place for you to begin.

4) Green Advertizing
Check the advertisers and publishers to find 10 others whose businesses overlap your offerings.

If you're a publisher or an advertiser, I invite you to check out the Green Advertizing ad network. This is the first carbon neutral advertising network for green publishers and green advertisers. If you're a blogger or if you are looking to connect with specific niche groups of people (green, progressive, sustainable, organic, farmer's gate, fair trade), this is your network.

There are, as of launch last month, over 270 specialist Green advertisers. Publisher partners receive 60% of advertising revenue, a rate significantly above the market average. Minimum bids are set to 50 cents, with many bid rates already over $1.50. These rates will continue to rise as the system is auction based and competition grows for keywords. By joining this network, you can monetize your content and your traffic.

Ready? Get set….. GO!



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 Monica S. Flores @monicadear is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business. She believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. 






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