Focusing on Success in 2011 and Beyond

Traditionally for me, the end of the year is my main time for planning, and as I've mentioned before (this time last year), I usually organize my thinking around: Health, Family, Relationships, Spirituality, Household, Travel, Work and Career, Finances, Possessions/Purchases, Community Involvement, Philanthropy, and Technology.

rearview mirrorThis year is a difficult one for many of our sisters in business: many women are out of work or underemployed. I believe it's up to us, as conscious consumers, to make a difference by hiring, purchasing from, and supporting other green business women.


Don't look backwards. Let's move forward – together.


We make a difference — the question is: what difference do we choose to make?

  • Find your focus in 2011.
  • Find the passion that makes your life worthwhile.
  • Own your space on the planet — you are here for a reason, and your solutions will help all of us make a better future for the next generations.


People a hundred or two hundred years from now will look back at this time and think about the decisions we are currently making — is your decision-making keeping the triple bottom line in mind?


People, planet, and profits all have a place in business development.


What was "status quo" just won't work anymore. 


  • We create a new economy. 
  • We breathe life into a new system. 
  • We find ways to collaborate and partner with others.


You always have a choice.

You choose what to consume, and you choose what to support. You choose the focus of your energy. You choose your partners and friends.

If you're not happy with your current "reality tunnel," consider expanding your consciousness and increasing your ability to think globally. With meditation and some quiet time, you may uncover new, alternate, secure, robust, low-impact solutions. A new job or a new business opportunity may present itself. Listen to your intuition:


  • What product do you want to find or offer in 2011?
  • What service do you want to find or offer in 2011?
  • How do we make this happen (hint: connect with others)



Let's make this coming year a safe, productive, healthy, and prosperous one for ourselves, for our families, for our customers and coworkers, and for our planet.


Green Job Search



Bright Green Talent
Ellen Weinreb Sustainability Recruiter



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Part 4B: Dreams do Come True

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