First Green For Green Event In Hollywood – Humanitaire’s Battle Of The DJs

On August 29th, Humanitaire threw the 1st Green for Green charity bash at the Avalon Club in Hollywood. & The Green Girls got an exclusive look. 

Humanitaire is a green entertainment company that focus on youth. They believe that integrating eco-consciousness into familiar forms of artistic expression is the key to an overall successful, ecological future.  

Humanitaire's Battle Of The DJs is a charity event to benefit Global Green USA. Local, up & coming DJs battle it out for Eco-friendly prizes.

Apple Levy & Tiffany Pollard
 Including Interviews With:
-Heidi Luerra of Humanitaire
           -Andrew Keegan
           -New York (a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard ) of I LOVE New York!

- Humanitaire Entertainment
- Global Green USA

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