First Eco-Conscious Bridal Jewelry & Accessories Boutique Opens Its Doors

It's been a long time coming and I want to make sure my Green Girls readers are the first to hear about it.  Green Diva, owned by yours truly, has finally gone live on its new project, 6 months in the making.  We have launched the first eco-friendly bridal jewelry accessories boutique that is 100% eco-conscious.  The luxury line is crafted by hand in our studio in Michigan using 95-100% recycled silver and gold, Fair Trade, untreated gemstones and pearls and vintage, reclaimed crystals.  Learn more about the sourcing of our materials here.


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The eco jewelry line is perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, formals, red carpet events, proms and more! Each piece is safely placed in our Wedding Dress Pouch, a clever little invention we craft locally using old, unwanted, second-hand wedding gowns.  It's the perfect casing to protect gems and pearls from scratching.






About the Author

Katherine DalPra is owner/designer of Green Diva eco-conscious bridal jewelry boutique and an eco-enthusiast in life and spirit.




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