Fido goes Green…and Fluffy too!

2 weeks ago, my husband and I adopted our first puppy!  Her name is Rita, and we are head over heals in love with her.  Having never had our own dog before, we went on a mission to the local pet store to stock up on all the necessaties.  And to my surprise…just 8 blocks from my house is the most adorable Eco-friendly Pet store, Howlistic.  For my fellow San Diegians, Howlistic is located at 914 Washington Street in the Mission Hills neighborhood.  This funky pet boutique is a Natural, Holistic, and Organic Dog Wellness Center, offering everything from raw, organic pet food to the most stylish collars and leashes made from recycled bottles and old bicycle tires.  Anyone who has pets knows how important they are to our families.


It didn’t take long for my lovely Rita to take her place as our first child.  Even my parents are calling themselves grandparents!  And just as we would treat any other family member, they deserve only the best!  They deserve to live a clean, natural, healthy lifestyle just like their parents.  So I decided to do a little research in hopes to provide you with the best Eco-friendly pet resources out there.  I was amazed at how many earth-friendly and natural products there are that are good for our furry friends…and good for our planet.  Along with Howlistic, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store offers natural dog and cat products of the highest quality consistent with a holistic approach to pet health.  They have quickly become the leading online natural pet care company with over 125 top brands.  All of the products offered for sale at Only Natural Pet Store are of the highest quality and made of natural ingredients.  They do not offer products that contain substances that could be considered dangerous, carcinogenic, unhealthy, or harmful to the environment.  Only Natural Pet Store takes our environment into account in everything that they do.  Their company is 100% powered by wind energy and their packaging aims to reduce waste, conserve valuable resources and benefit the environment. They reuse boxes and packing materials, and purchase only fully biodegradable, non-toxic packing peanuts made from cornstarch.  This is your one stop online shop for anything you need for you pets.

Greener Pup Pet Bed offered at Only Natural Pet

2. Shop Green Pets is a unique online boutique for you and your dog or cat. They are a family-owned company that was born out of their passion for organic and eco-friendly products and their love of animals. The have the best selection of organic and eco-friendly pet products, hand-picked from the best manufacturers available, to ensure they are worthy of you and your pet. Not only will you be buying your pet the best quality products, you are also helping the environment, when you buy from them.  And the coolest part – All of their products are tested and approved by their family of pets – if they don’t like it, they don’t offer it!

3. The Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof offers Washington DC's largest selection of Raw Diets & Premium, Holistic & Organic foods for your companions…PLUS Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Pet Supplies for the Wild Animal in your life!  Considered the best community resource in Washington DC for companion animals and their guardians, they realize it is important to pet guardians that they have essential pet supplies that are good for their pet's health and well being.  They are dedicated to sustainable business practices, including seeking out and carrying the best in eco-friendly pet supplies, Fair Trade items, and merchandise sourced from local and North American companies, with preference given to small manufacturers and minority owned companies. Whether a dog, cat or small mammal needs travel gear, supplements, chew toys or a winter jacket, they have the top of the line version and several more to choose from at The Big Bad Wolf.

4. Green Dog Pet Supply

If you live in the Portland area, you must check out this unique store!  Owners Christine, and her husband Mike, opened this store to offer interesting green products to pet owners for their pets, and to initiate a public mission for consumers to make smarter choices.  Along with offering a wide range of eco-friendly pet supplies, they wanted their store to become a place where they could be a resource to people for nutrition and behavior questions.  But even more impressive, they set out to make the store itself as green as possible.  Along with renting a space in a Green building, they were able to create most of the store from reclaimed and scavenged materials.  Looking around this store, you’ll find windows, weathered barn wood, vintage doorknobs, stair banisters, old doors, picket fencing, wash basins, a coal scuttle and many other antique pieces.  Even their sign on the front of the building was made from bamboo flooring and reclaimed lumber. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg…there are so many more Eco-friendly pet resources and stores across the country.  If you have a favorite in your city, let us know.  We’d love to share it!

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