Feeling Supported by the Universe

For many green businesswomen, we struggle with feeling supported in our business endeavors, and we may go through times when we're not 110% sure that our current company, campaign, product launch, or service offering is truly going to "make it."


If you're experiencing nagging feelings of doubt, insecurity, or low self-worth, or if you have been having health issues related to anxiety, stress, or depression, I encourage you to get the help you need.


Take a "breather" and some time out to list all the reasons you started your business, as well as the ways in which you're making a real, measurable difference in your customers' lives.


If you've taken the leap to create and run a green business, you're part of the emerging economy that is renewing our planet.


The Universe has called you towards taking these steps.


All the choices you're making to go green, source more sustainable options, reduce solid waste, increase energy efficiency,  and develop awareness — all these choices are making an incremental difference for our world.


Businesses have always been a cornerstone of community-building. Shopkeepers, merchants, service providers, and product creators have always been a large part of any local economic development effort.


  • We are the engine that provides jobs, reliability, and security for the people we hire.
  • We are the driver to create positive social change and a different sense of shared community.
  • We are the reminder that business can work towards the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits.



We are the ones we've been waiting for. 


I believe that the universe will support you in your endeavor. 


You're making a difference, and your business is making a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.


If you're feeling down, low, unhappy, or uncertain about your current position, I encourage you to refresh yourself and remember why you are doing what you're doing.


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Monica S. Flores of 10kWebdesign believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She creates effective, engaging websites for women-owned companies, green businesses, and progressive organizations: her focus is on organic, holistic, fair trade, and sustainable work, committed to Drupal development. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear.

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