Fantastic approaches to Re-Use from some stellar design students!

So, Treehugger did this fantastic feature on a bunch of designs done by Latin American designers, many for Chile’s “Remade” contest (link, in case you read Spanish).  They were are wonderfully creative, but I just must talk about 3 in particular!


Have you ever???  And I LOVE that they utilize the bending waist!  The Barbie Doll legs salad servers are from the brilliant mind of Chilean design student, Catalina Villa.


Between you and me… I actually lose sleep over the amount of plastic bags this planet is producing, using and discarding – which in turn makes Chilean design student, Camila Labra, my heroine because her entire line of boots is made from old paper bags!  I already have an email out to Camila, asking about purchasing… will let you know when I hear news.


 And finally, the best possible use for those old mixed tapes some ex-boyfriend made for you.  I mean, C’mon…what the hell else are you going to do with something that has 5 tracks by Soundgarden on it? (but save the Mudhoney & Afgan Whigs… that boyfriend may not have been all bad).  Anyway, this shrug is actually knit from yesterday’s cassettes and is the perfect union of past & present!  Created by Fernanda Henríquez, Cindy Silva, Paulina Vilches and Teresa Monreal… more Chilean design smarties.

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