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I think everyday should be Earth Day just as I think everyday should be Christmas. We should be as mindful of our impact on Earth daily, just like everyday we should try to cultivate and share compassion, the spirit of giving. Just because we celebrate a concept on one day does not mean we should not honor that concept daily.

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So Earth Day, what are we celebrating. We're celebrating our home, the thing that sustains all of life on this Earth, even our own. Earth, it's the only one we have. To honor the Earth, we become more mindful. It's a second "New Years Resolution", especially for us greenies. So, do you feel like you may have fallen off the wagon of your resolutions? Now you have a chance to make them fresh in this time of celebration, give them power. Perhaps you are well on your way to accomplishing what you set out to do, sticking to new ever-mindful habits … well, now you have the chance to make some more! There is no limit on the growth of our human potential for good.

So what to do? Well, let me inject you with inspiration for some Earth Day Eco-Resolutions:

1) Start something …absolutely anything (mindful), because anything is better than none. In fact, make it small then make it big. For instance, make a new Twitter account @OnYourLine -your profile could say you promote line drying clothes and you want people to send you pictures daily that you will repost with the clothes they have drying on their line. The idea is taken from @Yourshoesdaily. Instead of the line in the credit card commercial "What's in your wallet?", your line would be "What's on your Line?". Get this going. Maybe it's just your pictures at first. Then start recruiting your friends to send pictures. Even cute gestures can turn into movements … who knows where your ideas will lead, just act on them.

2) Set up little challenges for yourself–notice what your daily habits are and figure out little challenges. Simply pay more attention daily to what you're doing. For instance, for some time now I have noticed that we go through cups and mugs quickly. "Why am I not trying to consciously minimize my use?", I've wondered lately. So my personal challenge will be to keep ahold of my cup and reuse it as much as possible so I can cut back on running the dishwasher as often.

3) Go from Eco-Zero to Eco-Hero, or just earn some stripes, with Your Daily Thread's new Eco-Bootcamp. Get ready to be a hero by Earth Day. Sign up today for short, daily messages on green living 101.

4) Start collections or digital lists: I think this is important. Find out exactly how much you use and of what. It's important to actually see our impact on the world and that of which is placed upon us all by different industries. Let's be accountable for what we bring into the world and what we accept from it. I am collecting/ saving cards (the top part of birthday cards, engagement congratulation cards, Easter cards, etc.), rubber bands from produce, random string, ribbon from gifts. I want to see how much I accumulate, and then I want to challenge myself to figure out a use for it or dispose of it properly.

5) Online Petitions –start signing them and then help send them out. Sign up with Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club, Rainforest Alliance Network, Organic Consumers Association, PETA, NRDC, Vote Hemp … Let your voice be heard!

6) Love Yourself; Love the World –remember to love yourself. Give yourself time. Do the creative things you want to do in life. In the end it is all about Love. If we can cultivate more for ourselves, we would have more to give out to the world. Honoring the Earth would not be something we had to consciously think about because it would flow out of us naturally; everyday would literally be Earth Day as we would be one with It and All. So …Light beeswax or soy candles. Listen to some old tunes that make you feel good, and every night before you go to sleep, reflect on 10 things you are grateful for.

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