eReader Reviews: Literati vs. Cruz Tablet (Video)

eReaders are one of the hottest
electronic purchases right now and I wanted to share with you my experience with
Sharper Image’s Literati & the Cruz tablet powered by Android.


Product: Literati eReader by Sharper Image


$80 – $150


Accessories: Book Cover



  • Uses Kobo application which is easy and will read your existing
    epub files.
  • Not Touch Screen
  • Takes some getting used to but easy to use
  • Responsive
  • Has font size adjustment, night reading option and screen
    brightness adjustment

Cruz Tablet
using Android operating system


Price: $109 – $199


Accessories: Soft Sleeve & Stand



  • Touch screen
  • Uses Broders application, but you can upload friendlier apps
    like Kobo.
  • Has font style and size adjustment, night mode but not the
    screen brightness adjustment
  • Ability to go online, watch movies, etc., which is great if the
    keyboards and buttons where more accurate and responsive. 

  • Wifi
    drops a lot

If you’re looking for a straight eReader and your looking at these 2 options, I
prefer the Literati for a solid reader.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet with internet browsing and media
capabilities and don’t mind the inaccurate touch screen response, then give the
Cruz a try. 


 I tried to exchange my Cruz tablet today at Broders in case the
problem is only on my machine.  However, the rep suggested to just refund
the purchase and was told that they are getting lots of returns for the Cruz
tablet and will no longer carry it in store.


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