Eco Wed Series: Green Wedding Photography

Now that you’ve got all the eco wedding resources you could ever need from the last several posts in this series, including the top green wedding blogs on the net, it’s time to move on to the details.  And we begin with photography.

Capturing all the critical little moments of your wedding day is one of the most important aspects of your wedding.  You want a wedding photographer that gets your style, shoots in a way that grabs you and knows which moments are the ones that shouldn’t be missed.  And, once you’ve found all that, is there anything else that matters?

Well, if you’re a bride looking to have the most positive environmental impact possible with your wedding, then yes, there is.  You know with all the emphasis on the flowers, the food and the fashion, sometimes its easy to forget that photography can also make a difference in how sustainable your wedding day is.  But what is eco wedding photography?  And what is it that wedding photographers can do to be greener?  Here’s what a few eco-minded wedding photographers have to say on the matter:

A Timeless Touch - D.C./Baltimore


Vrai Photography – Chicago

Kristina Carter is arguably one of the most in-demand photographers in Chicago and brides flock to Vrai to get their hands on her artistic genius.  Not only is she the creative force behind Green Diva eco bridal jewelry’s last photo shoot, she’s also a pioneer in the greening of photography in the Chicagoland area.  Check out her work capturing the tiny little details of this REAL eco wedding.

Balance Photography - D.C./Baltimore

Rissa and Nathaniel are leading the green charge both in the studio and out.  Not only do they operate a conscious photography operation, they also recently coordinated D.C.’s first Mid-Atantic Green Wedding Show.  What does this dynamic duo have to say about being a green photographer?


  • We print all paperwork on 100% recycled paper
  • We use CFL and natural lighting in both our home and business
  • We recycle glass, cans, and plastics, and compost food waste from the office and our home
  • All our cameras and flashes are run on rechargeable batteries with solar-powered chargers
  • We offer greener choices for both albums and prints

Post written by Katherine DalPra, owner/design for Green Diva eco bridal jewelry.

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