Eco-Rocker, Corey Feldman Is Living The Conscious Life

Eco-Rocker, Corey Feldman & wife Susie's lifestyle is prime example of conscious living.  They tell us all about their Green efforts, from Corey's music scene to their Eco conscious home life. 

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The Home Life:
Wife, Susie has taken charge of the home front & does all she can to make sure the Feldman's footprints are as light as can be.

  • Organizes trash for recycling
  • No chemical products in the household (earth friendly & no animal testing)
  • Changed to Eco friendly appliances

The Feldman clan are all vegetarians. Corey has been 27 years meat free, Susie, influenced by her husband to give up meat 8 years ago and Zen, their 4 year old, has been vegetarian from the start.

The Music Scene:
New album, Truth Movement is processed in  all recycled & biodegradable materials.

  • Recycled Paper
  • Soy Ink
  • Disk Trays made from corn

  • Lead Album Song: Green Is The Colour

    Seems that 80's buddy, Scott Baio can learn a thing or two from kook friend, Corey. As if that wasn't enough, Feldman also created an initiative, putting together a Green Team working on the first ever alternative energy rock concert.  Only alternative energy will be used for the "Off The Grid Tour"

    The first "Off The Grid Tour" event was held on June 27th, just two days after the death of friend, Michael Jackson.

    PEOPLE Magazine reports:

    Feldman, an eco-activist, billed Saturday's concert as the first of its kind as "off the grid" for its use of alternative fuels on site to take the place of electricity. The show ran on a bio-diesel generator and fuel powered by L.A.'s @ Power.

    After his first song, Feldman, dressed in a Jackson-style buttoned regal jacket, told the crowd to take 30 seconds of silence to honor the "the world's greatest entertainer" and "the great King of Pop."

    "I want to not only dedicate this performance to him, because without Michael Jackson, I wouldn't be performing onstage tonight," Feldman told the crowd. "He is with us here tonight."

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