Not only is a new year upon us but so is a new decade, perhaps an ideal time to map out the many things you plan on manifesting.  For many people it is jumping on the treadmill, for others it could be eating only organic and local food and for many it can be something such as spending more time with those you love. 

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The beauty is that New Years resolutions are aimed at improvement and personal growth.  It is suggested that these resolutions are written down on paper, in a journal or perhaps even a vision board.  Having them on paper solidifies your commitment and reminds you that you have set personal goals for yourself.  This time of the year is perfect to use the reset button and start anew and twelve months later to reflect on how far you have come along, only to propel you to push yourself the following year for those more lofty goals.

This year consider integrating an Eco-Resolution from now on.  How about making a personal difference in your own personal footprint?  Start out by finding out the size of your footprint, based on your lifestyle.  This will help you gauge where you need to start placing some more attention – perhaps it is on your water consumption, your waste production or the amount of energy you use.

Whatever it is you choose, the first step begins with observation.  Start paying attention: do you leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth, shaving or washing dishes?  What about leaving a trail of lights on, while rooms are unoccupied?  Have you ever paid attention to the amount of waste that you are producing? 

These are all excellent and simple ways to get the ball rolling on your way to an Eco-Resolution and take advantage of all the available resources.  Consider dusting off your bike – you not only get your workout, get around faster, but you will save on money and carbon – you can't beat that!

Still want to do more?  Not a problem, the good thing is you can effect every facet of your life from how you shop, how you eat, the products you use, to how you get around and even what furnishings are in your home. 

It can be a bit daunting but the key is to start small, remember going green is a process and use the tools that are available to help you along.   For guides, resources and a glossary check out my resources page, its chock full if excellent information! 

Happy New Year and Happy Greening! 

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