5 Eco Projects in Bali to get Involved in

5 Eco Projects in Bali to get Involved in

Bali is a beautiful island in the Indonesian archipelago, with extraordinarily beautiful and diverse scenery and a huge array of animals – many in danger of being wiped out by humans stripping resources from their environment. During a few days on the island, you can explore tropical rainforest, white sand beaches and climb dormant volcanoes. For wildlife, you can spot sea turtles, leopard cats, macaques, porcupines and palm civets. The beauty of this place will inspire you to get involved. Here are some Eco Projects in Bali to get Involved in.

If you want to protect this environment for future generations to enjoy, there are several green organizations you can get involved with. Read on for ideas and links to find out how to volunteer…

Eco Projects in Bali: IDEP

IDEP empowers Balinese communities to improve their situation and local environment in several ways. Projects include teaching environmental awareness in schools, setting up organic farms, waste management and waste water treatment systems. IDEP also helps teach communities how to manage and cope with natural and man-made disasters.

Help out: Look out for positions on their jobs and volunteering page or see how to donate.

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Eco Projects in Bali: Begawan Foundation

For the most part, the Begawan Foundation is dedicated to bringing back the indigenous Bali Starling from the brink of extinction. There are now around 100 birds flying free on Nusa Penida, an island south east of Bali. The foundation focused on successfully breeding starlings from just 16 remaining birds, and now monitors the increased numbers in the wild.

Help out: Find out how to visit the sanctuary and donate here.

Eco Projects in Bali: ProFauna

ProFauna was set up to focus on protecting Indonesia’s many endangered animals and plants. On Bali, the Bali starling, sea turtle, langur, dolphin and many more species are in danger of being wiped out: on a two-week volunteer programme, you can join ProFauna in Bali and monitor animals released into the wild, help with conservation education in schools and get involved in community outreach projects.

Help out: Find out how to join the program here.

Eco Projects in Bali: Reef Check

The ocean surrounding Bali needs protecting, too: Reef Check Indonesia monitors and protects the country’s coral reefs from environmental damage, such as the Amed reef – one of Bali’s most popular tourist attractions. Get involved by volunteering as a recreational diver to participate in simple reef surveys.

Help out: See their volunteer page here.

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Eco Projects in Bali: WWF Indonesia

This is the Indonesian branch of the world-wide environmental conservation charity. Projects in Indonesia include protecting the endangered Sumatran tiger and Javan rhino. The WWF has 25 field offices in Indonesia where local conservation work, community empowerment projects and advising local governments on environmental policy are part of the day-to-day.

Help out: Find out how you can support projects and see work positions open here

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