Eco Mom on Cap and Trade / Energy Bill

It is again, looking as if the Senate will introduce a Cap and Trade/Energy Bill. The new version will take a limited approach to Cap and Trade, by just focusing on power plants and their emissions.

Well – that sounds fine to me. As they say- why do you rob a bank….because that is where the money is…. Power plants account for a major portion of our CO2 emissions in total, and of course account for the vast majority of stationary emissions. So this seems like a smart way to begin. Focus on the electric industry, leave the auto sector alone for now, then revisit it in a few years….we will see.

So, as we head down this path I am wondering can the bill pick up the support of the vast, strong network of "green-moms". We have seen such an important movement of these women who help to get the "eco" word out in their communities about things like recycling, green fashion, greening your home and so on – our question is will these women, eco community leaders take this opportunity to stand up for cap and trade? Will they reach our to their members of congress and say – vote yes, will they march, or at least march through the power of their facebook accounts and motivate others to push this legislation across the finish line. If so, they would be doing their country and their children an invaluable service.

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