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Regardless of what time of the year it is you can usually catch me wearing one of my many pairs of Flip Flops around town.  It’s my shoe of choice, which means I need to get my pedicures regularly.  Nails salons are usually a far cry from anything eco-friendly, so I was really excited to find an environmentally friendly nail salon around town!  Mani Pedi Cutie is an ultra chic salon located in Hermosa Beach, CA on Pier Ave.


The owners of this salon worked with designers and contractors to build out the space as green as possible from the very beginning.  


"During the demolition phase of MPC, as much as possible was sent for re-use and proper recycling, including proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs. Sustainable efforts included low-flow plumbing, high-efficiency faucets, tankless water heaters, 14 SEER HVAC (above minimum 13 required), fluorescents, dimmers/occupancy sensors/timers, high-efficiency exhaust fans to maintain clean air quality, and energy star appliances. Materials used contain recycled, sustainable and/or non-toxic content as much as possible including, recycled fabrics, recycled aluminum and glass tiles, responsibly manufactured quartz countertops, recycled metal wall framing, recycled insulation, low VOC paints, water-based finishes and adhesives like Nanocoating to seal the millwork, and eco-friendly cleaning products." 

I also found out from the owner, Ally Conley, that they used recycled denim insulation in the walls!  I love that they really did their best to dive deep into the “green construction” choices, even if it wouldn’t be noticed by the customer.  

The other great thing about this salon is that they cater to more than just us girls.  The Salon has a special area for kids that still looks really cool, but it’s small enough for their little feet to reach the recycled glass foot baths.  The kids get lollipops and they have a television set up to watch movies too.  I took my “second cousin”, Alice and Grace, there last week and I was really impressed at the detail they went to for the kids, including the fairly dust they sprinkled on their hands and toes! They didn’t forget about the guys either because they also tune into the big games so they don’t miss out while getting their toes and nails back into shape.   

All of their products used for your nails are organic. Their nail polishes are free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free.  They only do natural nails; no smelly acrylics. They recycle + carpool. If you drive an eco-friendly car, you get a free scrub with your MPC mani/pedi purchase. 

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