Eco-friendly Countertops by Tiger Mountain Innovations

Renovating your home counters and looking for Eco-friendly options? Consider Squak Mountain Stone!

Squak Mountain Stone

  • 1. A Fibrous-cement material comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement. Material is hand-cast into “slabs” as an alternative to natural or quarried stone. Resembles soapstone or limestones.
  • 2. An environmentally -friendly countertop or table top.


Tiger Mountain Innovations (TMI), is a leader in producing eco-friendly
countertop and tile materials. Inspired by Mother Nature, our countertops are
naturally beautiful, durable and timeless. With both of our product lines, Squak
Mountain Stone and Trinity Glass Products, we aim to provide materials that give
customers the look and feel of natural stone without generating a negative
impact on our environment. Finally, the hand-crafted process that we use to make
each slab creates warmth and character that is only found in the exquisite
beauty of nature.

Squak Mountain Stone™ appeared in 2004 as an unconventional choice for
countertops. It has weathered edges, a mottled façade and a tactile character
that entices hands to caress its surface. Squak Mountain Stone still stands
apart from traditional and new surfaces as something organic, aesthetic and
truly unique. It has been used in residential kitchen and baths as well as
commercially in Whole Foods, Starbucks and Fred Segal Green. 



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Squak Mountain Stone

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