Eco-friendly Bathroom Makeovers

Still waiting for the economy to turn around so you can buy that big new house?  I wouldn’t hold your breath too long or it could be the end of you.  Instead why not remodel the place you already have to give it a new look and maximize your space.

Here are some ideas to make over your bathroom from completely gutting it to just adding simple touches that won’t require you to take out a loan.


Ok, let’s start big….the master bath.  Maybe your master bath isn’t that big but don’t let that keep you from creating your own personal spa like atmosphere.  In this bathroom I removed all the fixtures, cabinetry, tile, lighting, etc.  I designed a new vanity, built by my amazing dad, with a clean new modern look.  I topped it off with a eco-friendly CaesarStone counter top and new shower tiles.  The shower got a new seamless glass door.  The fixtures in the shower have temperature settings so you can have your perfect temp immediately with out running the water forever.  Keeping the colors light in a small space also helps give it a larger feeling.  



For extra light I added a Solatube with a combination venting system.  The Solatube acts like a mini skylight by capturing the natural light from the dome on the roof and then reflecting it down the tube and spreading it out around the room.  This particular system has the vent attached so you don’t need put in a separate bathroom vent.  If you really want an all in one system you can add a compact fluorescent light attachment that can be used when there is no natural light. 

Now that you have your new bathroom you might also want to think about conserving water.  I found these cute water timers that can be placed in the shower or tub to remind you how long you are spending in the shower. On average a regular shower head can waste up to 5 gallons of water per minute, so these little timers could really help remind you to shorten the shower time. 

Depending on how big your project is remember to think about ways to re-use, recycle and reduce your budget costs. 
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