Eco Chic Weekly – 10/27/08

2928273518_26bed7bda4_o Green Girls Global remind us that charity begins in the wardrobe.

Say Yes to Carrots with Victoria Everman and check out the exclusive giveaway she's got going!

Eco Chick warns about the greenwashing (no pun intended) of so-called "Frv1natural" beauty products.

The Alternative Consumer has some fall coats that will keep you warm, and the earth cool!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we're giving away an Organic  Breastfeeding Support Kit (worth $50) at Fig+Sage.

To help us out of our economic "recession" with some eco-therapy, Green Cotton helps us find some of the hottest deals of the season…all under $99. See what we've come up with…

The reports from the happening scene at the D&A Green Market!

Green Grechen reports on the best handbags made from reclaimed leather.

Fashion, evolved preaches the good word about buying vintage.

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