Earth Saver Interview: Jennifer Thomas-Albrecht

Jennifer Thomas-Albrecht, President & CEO, founded The Baby Times in cooperation with her two friends and colleagues. The Baby Times is an online weekly magazine, newsletter and resource directory of luxury products and services for expectant and new moms which has successfully and consistently highlighted products and services to mothers all over the country.

After a ten year career in NYC as a professional in banking and the dot com industry, Jennifer went on to become a published fashion and society photographer (Hamptons Magazine, Women's Wear Daily and Elements Magazine), and worked for clients such as Gucci, Escada, David Yurman, Etro and Frette. This experience provided her the ability to become a tastemaker for well-heeled moms.

The site features sought after products such as high tech-strollers, designer diaper bags, and the latest nursery decor and includes articles and products of interest, often highlighting women owned companies within the industry. Jennifer has gone on to take the company to the next level, to become a leading expert on parenting products all over the nation. Doing her little bit Jennifer donates 2% of her net revenue from her site to children's charities.   [more]

“It’s shameful that our great country is not more advanced in our ways around sustainability.…” “If we get busy making an impact in areas like alternative energy then we would not have to rely on oil.” – Jennifer Thomas-Albrecht

MR: What does global warming mean to you?

Jennifer: Right now it means concern for myself and my family. My husband and I are concerned about how things will impact our child in the future if we don’t make some serious strides as a global community to change the way we do things in this world.

MR: Are you seeing some of this change take place?

Jennifer: Yes, as you know I wholly support women owned philanthropic and green companies, and I am seeing so much in this area. There are so many interesting grass roots companies offering things like organic baby products, cloth diapers- it’s so great to know that there is a demand for these things, and that these choices are available to us now, as well as the fact that there is a wealth of information. It’s a whole new movement and I think people jumping on this boat will be very successful.

MR: Do you have a favorite company or product?

Jennifer: My new favorite is the Organic Green Mommy. Which is not just about products, it’s amazing with short digestible videos for busy parents, articles, classified section, and a wealth of information for new parents who want to understand the best choices to make from a holistic perspective on physician care such as vaccines, childhood behavior, teething, and so many aspects to parenting. It does a beautiful job connecting them with like minded parents who are all asking the same questions and seeking similar information.

MR: So tell me about what you do at home to make a difference?

Jennifer: Well , I think it’s the little bits of things we do that add up…You are going to think we are crazy but (pause) we have a worm farm in our basement.

MR: What?! Really? (Laughing) There’s a dirty little secret for our readers!

Jennifer: Well…we have our own veggie garden, and we love to grow all our own, so instead of composting our stuff we take all our raw scraps paper coffee shells etc and it goes into our worm farm- then we take the soil that is now nutrient rich and use it in our garden. Oh, and I use the worm juice to water my plants! My husband is a big tree hugger and environmentalist, and this really works for us. We also recycle all of our paper and plastic, all of our glass and cans, and we only use recycled paper products. We also do our house cleaning with green products like Generation Green and Green Works.

MR: I love that you have a worm farm…that’s priceless.

MR: So what is your biggest fear and greatest hope for the next generation?

Jennifer: My fear is that even though there is all of this new found consciousness around the environment and I’m hearing all of the talk about what has to be done, the government has got to get behind it and make it happen faster. When I look at Holland, Germany…some of their cities are being entirely powered with alternative energy. It’s shameful that our great country is not more advanced in our ways. With our great minds, freedom of speech, and access to education… If we get busy making an impact around areas such as alternative energy then we would not have to rely on oil.

For example: My husband and I went to Solar Fest in July at the Forget Me Not Farm in Vermont for the second year in a row this summer. The event has grown ten fold in the past year even, and it used to be that a big adoption incentive was getting a federal tax credit if you put solar panels on your house. For whatever reason this year the government suspended this federal tax cut…why is that? Here we are as a nation further along in our progress around this issue that ever, and it gets cut? What kind of a message does that send?

MR: Where would you most likely be found on a Friday night?

Jennifer: My husband is home early on Friday and we are either at a park or the beach with Emma- we are outdoorsy and try to get out as much as possible.

MR: What about a favorite book you read this year?

Jennifer: I loved the book Mother Nurture by Stephanie Hirsh I loved the fact that it talked about how successful people in all areas of business including the entertainment world viewed the way their mothers raised them and each mother shares about the morals and values that they felt were important in instilling in their children. It implicates that perhaps it was these attributes that enabled their children to achieve such a high level of accomplishment in life. It was a great read.

MR: And if you were to leave our reader with a thought or a tip, or some helpful advice…what would you tell them?

Jennifer: We have so many things that we can leave our children with. So many parents want to make sure they leave something behind for their children…they want to leave behind a legacy or financial means, and write their precious belongings into a will for their children. Really though, the greatest gift you can give your child is an appreciation of the world they live in and the people they live amongst. If they are not taught to appreciate their planet – all of the other things are meaningless.

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