Doing Your Part – Becoming Green from the Inside Out (IV)

This is the final part of my "greening yourself from the inside out" bit. However, as I have mentioned before, "being green" is a journey, a new life path. We determine how far and how involved we will take it. I will not be handing you a "you are now green certificate", however I now set your inner greenness free to grow out of the biosphere of you. So what now? Get out into the world and DO SOMETHING –do your part, whatever you decide that may be. And let me remind you, any and all efforts add up so start where you feel comfortable and expand from there.

Here's some ideas:

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JOIN A GREEN NETWORK – or just go to green social networking events –Probably one of the easiest things you can do is go network with like-minded folk. You will have fun and most importantly feel like you can make an impact when you surround yourself with people who are making an impact. Green Drinks (international) and Eco Tuesdays are both national organizations that should have a chapter in your area. If not, start one J.  [more]

VOTE WITH DOLLARS – we have already discussed this but it really is of prime importance. Let's make our greens green. The more we choose to support industries and companies that are making positive changes in the world, the sooner the shift of power will be to a more conscious capitalism that considers people and our planet. This should be fun …you have plenty to explore in new shopping options that will be available to you. If you are an investor, look into purchasing green investments. Co-op America has a great resource guide for green investing that is worth checking out. You will also, once again, be putting yourself on the path to meeting other like-minded individuals that may inspire you on your path.

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GET POLITICAL –If you don't already, start voting! We need everyone to vote this coming election, November 4th. We also need all greenies on deck to vote in every election. Join a new party, such as the Green Party, or stay with the big parties but check out the League of Conservation Voters for assistance in your homework on environmental issues.

DONATE TO A NON-PROFIT OR JOIN A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION –We make a difference if we simply donate to non-profits. Depending on how deep you want to get you can just donate or you can join an organization such as Co-op America which will give you membership to an organization with resources that can help you get active in many different ways from campaigning, to notice of upcoming conferences etc.

VOLUNTEER – go do a beach clean-up for the Surfrider Foundation or go plant some trees. There are many organizations that could use some help for either administratively or out in the field. Check out the Greenopia Guide or your local yellow pages for the non-profits in your area. Make sure you find something that speaks to your heart as it is integral to you staying inspired to continue any public service.

SWITCH CAREERS –go to work for one of the newly emerging green companies. Many big companies are trying to implement green technologies and sustainable practices as well. If you don't want to switch jobs, perhaps you can create a new position for yourself in helping your company with the switch over. There are actually non-profit jobs that pay. Some of these positions pay quite well actually –an avenue worth exploring.

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START SOMETHING –have an idea? Feel inspired and start working on making it real. We are all so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for at times. Get out into the world with your ideas and do your part –whatever you feel that will be. Here is the famous quote from Ghandi that inspired me to start a non-profit and may inspire an idea for you, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

Go greenie go, let your greenness grow.

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