Do you know where your food comes from?

Unless you grow it yourself in your backyard, the answer is probably a resounding no. I always thought I had a fairly good idea. But last weekend, I watched “Food Inc.” and I realized I only knew a small part of the story. The movie had a profound effect on me and has totally changed how I look at food.

“Food Inc.” is packed with information and made me ask questions like: Why can we get ripened tomatoes year round? Why is it that a bag of chips costs less than a bundle of carrots? What is the reason that many chickens are never exposed to sunlight? And who on earth ever thought it was a good idea to feed corn to fish?

It was tough to watch at times but ultimately, I found it pretty inspiring. Knowledge is power and with more knowledge, I can make better decisions.

There is a great summary at the end of the movie that describes what we can do as consumes to make better food choices. Here are the suggestions that appear one by one on the screen:
Buy from companies that treat workers, animal and the environment with respect.

When you go to the supermarket, choose foods that are in season.

  • Buy foods that are organic.
  • Know what’s in your food. Read labels.
  • The average meal travels 1500 miles from the farm to the supermarket. Buy foods that are grown locally.
  • Shop at farmer’s markets.
  • Plant a garden (even a small one).
  • Cook a meal with your family and eat together.
  • Everyone has a right to healthy food. Make sure your farmer’s market takes food stamps.
  • Ask your school board to provide healthy school lunches.
  • The FDA and USDA are supposed to protect you and your family. Tell Congress to enforce food safety standards and re-introduce Kevin’s Law.
  • If you say grace, ask for food that will keep us, and the planet healthy.


It’s a great reminder that as consumers, we can vote to change this broken system. We get the chance to exercise our vote three times a day. For more information and suggestions for what you can do, visit Take Part.

I hope that everyone will make the time to see “Food Inc.” Please see it for you, see it for the people you love and see it for the planet. Remember “you can change the world with every bite.”


About the Author: Allison is Co-founder of, a website for green, eco-friendly products. You can follow her on Twitter @buygreen and @ocgreenmama.


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