Do you Kayu?

Traveling constantly for my work with Rain Tees and as a consultant to companies all over the globe has both its perks and its downfalls ill admit -but having fabulous designer friends who own stellar eco-conscious boutiques in fun cities is definitely a major point on my perks list.

This perk is especially pleasant every time I am in Los Angeles visiting the darling Magda Rod-owner of Visionary Boutique

Last week -while browsing the insanely divine pieces of apparel, organic cosmetics and earth friendly finds in her shop I found my new optical obsession that I feel absolutely inclined to share with the world.

Meet Kayu –my new pair of shades that come in a delicious shade of bamboo natural themselves.


KAYU is an ecological and ethical line of sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, but not only is this line straight up stylish its also preventing blindness in third world countries. Talk about that for a sales pitch. Need I say more?


Actually a lot more needs to be said as it turns out that 80% of blindness is curable or preventable, yet 36 million people in the world are needlessly blind.
Avoidable blindness is also most common in the poorest of the poor, and has far-reaching implications that touch on all aspects of human development – social, economic and quality of life.

Since eliminating preventable blindness is on the list of one of the world's most critical problems and one that persists due to a lack of funds, Kayu designer, Jaime Lim decided to do something about it.

Jamie was born in America, but grew up in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong surrounded by a unique contrasting environment of Eastern and Western aesthetic, and great richness and poverty. Inspired by the beauty of the region and touched by the inequality she witnessed, Jamie created KAYU an ecological and ethical line of sunglasses that give sight to those in need.

As Jamie says: "It’s easy. You buy a pair of glasses, you restore a patient’s sight." So with that in mind how could I turn down protecting my own baby blues while saving someone else’s in the process AND being true to the environment? I say- get yourself some Kayu. They come with free karma and lots of love.


About the author: Beth Doane is the founder of Andira & the Rain Tees project, and designer of the Rain Tees.


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