DIY Natural Winter Chest Rub

Toss the OTC meds for common colds! Synthetically suppressing cold symptoms could not only bring about other illnesses like liver disease and kidney issues, but it prevents the body from properly healing and doing its job of ridding itself of phlegm and germs and fills your children's bodies with dangerous artificial dyes weakening the immune system and actually lengthening the life of the virus.

This winter and flu season try this DIY organic decongestant recipe.  It is sure to come in handy and naturally relieve nasal congestion and help to clear/break up mucus that settles in the back of the throat and in the chest. 

When my children get colds and noses get stuffy, I mix 1 heaping tablespoon of coconut oil and 8-9 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a bowl and rub on their chest and place a warm heating pad (or warm washcloth) over the chest for about 10-15 minutes before they go to bed. This mixture was especially great when my daughter suffered from asthma in her younger years but works just as fabulous for adults too.


AMAZING TIP: A great tip many people aren't aware of is to also take the same mixture and rub on the bottoms of feet and slip on a pair of thick cozy socks. When the mixture is applied to feet, it settles coughs throughout the night so you or your little one can get a good night's rest.


After one to two nights of applying this mixture, you will probably begin to cough quite heavily as the mucus will begin to break up and loosen. Encourage your children to cough out the phlegm and spit (preferrably into the toilet to prevent the spreading of germs) to help speed up the healing process.

Just another PHENOMENAL use for coconut oil! 

Works wonders for adults as well. Please spot test prior to use for allergies and don't use more eucalyptus oil than suggested or can cause skin irritation.

Let me know if this works just as well for you as it does for our family and pass along this flu season! :)



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