DIY hand-painted blinds… Sublime!

I can't take a bit of credit for this idea – it all came from Jennae at Green your Decor, but I think it's a fantastic way to have inexpensive, eco-chic window treatments & room dividers.  I already love the look of bamboo and matchstick blinds.  They're crisp, yet natural, work with just about any aesthetic, are readily available (you can find them at ANY major discount or home improvement store) and once you customize them… they become that much more fabulous!  This project can be done by anyone – regardless of artistic prowess (see supply list below).


Photo from Green Your Decor!

  • Pick a simple pattern.  Jennae went with a sweet, modern flower.  You're going to be painting it freehand… so make sure not to overstep your abilities.  Try out your pattern on a piece of scrap paper before you do the real deal as a test run.
  • Keep the blinds flat & straight as they have a tendency to shift. In order for the design to look the way you imagined once you hang the blinds, you have to ensure that they lay perfectly straight on your painting surface. If you don’t, the design can end up seriously distorted once hanging.
  • Using a very thin artist's brush, paint the outlines of your pattern onto the blinds, then fill in the outlines with a wider tipped brush. Because the blinds have gaps between each twig, using only a fine tipped brush would take for-ev-er!  Also, Jennae points out that creating the outlines first means you can stand back and check the progress of your design as you go.
  • Let the paint dry for several hours. Install and Enjoy!

What you'll need:

  • Matchstick Rollup or Bamboo Shade (anywhere from $15 to $50, depending on size)
  • Artist’s paintbrushes, Approx. $4 (any craft or home improvement store)
  • Behr outdoor paint sample if you're installing outdoors, any non-toxic craft paint for indoors.  Both approx. $4 (Home Depot, Michael's, etc.)
  • Biodegradable plastic dropcloth, Approx. $3 (Available at Walmart, Lowes, you name it!)

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