DIY Braided Weave Top From An Old Sweatshirt (Video)

DIY Braided Weave Top

Turn any frumpy old sweatshirt into a chic wide shouldered braided weave top!

DIY Braided Weave Top

For this Braided Weave Top, you’ll need:

  • a sweat shirt
  • a ruler
  • a rotary cutter
  • a light colored marker
  • scissors
  • some old colored shirts
  • a box cutter
  • needle and thread


  • Start by  cutting half an inch wide strips from your colored shirts
  • Pin the strips together and start braiding
  • Here I made about 14 braided strands
  • Next, take your sweat shirt and cut out the collar with a rotary cutter.
  • Line up one of your braids to get an idea of how wide your weave can be.
  • Measure one inch from the collar and start marking small dots at an inch apart.
  • Mark one less dot from the sides of each row making a ‘V’ effect
  • Place a cardboard inside the sweatshirt
  • Use the box cutter so that you can control the size of the slit you are about to make. The smaller the better. I cut about a quarter of an inch per slit.
  • You can now start weaving form the inside out
  • You can stop here but i decided to add solid colors in between the braids so I cut more small holes in between.
  • Now that you’re all done weaving, flip your sweatshirt inside out and start sewing together the strips to close out the braids and secure them on the weave

The Braided Strap:

  • Take 3 braids strands and braid them together to create your braided strap.
  • Pin it to where you’d like it to be and sew it on to secure.
  • I used some small elastic hair bands to close out the braids on the strap.
  • And you’re all done!

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