Design Inspiration: Sundance… and gorgeous rustic decor!

I have to admit, I'm not typically a huge fan "rustic" decor… but 'tis the Sundance Season and I got caught up in the hoopla!  As long as your home's look is not uber-formal, a piece or 2 of "rustic" can look amazing just about anywhere and really warm up a space.   AND so much of it is made from reclaimed woods and recycled materials… it's almost silly not to take the plunge!

To shed a little warm & woodsy light on the subject, the Light Block by Brave Space (at Vivavi) is a rustic-meets-modern head turner.  Made from EcoResin, this stylish light comes complete with a low-heat, energy-efficient light bulb.

Light Block by Brave Space, $350
Salt and Pepper, Cinnamon and Sugar, Rosemary and Thyme… whatever your pleasure, rustic-up your dinner table with the sleek, yet nature-inspired Spice Block by Domestic Aesthetic (at Green With Glamour).  Made in Brooklyn from reclaimed wood, who's tabletop couldn't use a little extra spice?
 Spice Block by Domestic Aesthetic, $48
And what Sundance-inspired story would be complete without a little something from the Sundance Catalog?  The Recycled Pickle Barrel Nightstand may be intended for the bedroom, but I think it would look stunning anywhere from the powder room to the den!
Recycled Pickle Barrel Nightstand, $395
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