Cure In The Canyons II – 2nd Year of Success!

We kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by attending Cure In The Canyons II.  We came to this event looking forward to luxurious pampering, but as we spoke to some of the attendees, our focus turned to what this day was really about. Supporting & raising funds for Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

With close to 700 supporters in attendance, Cure In The Canyons II is a significant event that exemplifies exactly that.

            Shannon Tweed, Sophie Tweed Simmons, & Karin Purvis, Founder of Cure In The Canyons

We spoke with celebrities present at Cure In The Canyons II as they shared each of their personal motivations for supporting Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

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We are not far from the cure! Introduced by founder, Karin Purvis, Dr. Michael Press, MD, PhD, who sits on the Medical Advisory Board of Cure In The Canyons, talks about the current findings on Breast Cancer Research.

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And so much more! Stay tuned for more videos & images of this big event.

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