Quenches Your Thirst For Eco Living 101

We are so proud to announce a new project launched by Green Girl Guru, Vanessa Crosbie.  Vanessa has given us some great insights on green style, beauty & tips, so it was only a matter of time before her knowledge of living green is packaged & presented in the form of!

What is

"Two important people and a bad accident led me to want to make some eco-friendly changes in my life.

When I set out to do so, I did tons of research using the internet, magazines and books. I then had the idea to group all my findings into a website to share with others so that the leg work was already done. I wanted an easy-breezy guide to going green to reach those who think that green is not their color.

So one thing led to the next and Crushed Lime was born – It’s Eco-101 to inspire those who want to crush some of their eco-nasty habits and start a new crush, an Eco-Crush. Beauty, health, style, art and food, there is a crush for everyone… With a twist of lime!

I figure we may not be able to change all of our habits, but the belief is that small changes in behavior can help make the world a cleaner place, ourselves healthier, and probably save some $$ along the way!

I figure, if I can do it, anyone can!"

Vanessa Crosbie 
Founder of Crushed Lime

Learn more about Vanessa by visiting

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