Creating a Vision Board

I don't know about you, but I was happy to kick 2008 to the curb.

Yesterday, as a way of bringing in the New Year I sat with good friend and professional visionary who helped me map out my own vision for 2009.

The exercise itself was liberating…and zeroing in on my hearts desires and my hopes for the future year gave me insight into some of my core desires…most of which I did not even know I had!

In preparation she had me gather books, journals, magazines and clippings that inspire me and asked me to place them all out for her visit. The mix was a combination of green, spiritual, and parenting books and articles, entrepreneurial, home design, and epicurean magazines, and quotes and style guides.

We spent some time talking about the year in review, and how I was currently feeling about my future.

Basically I was able to hear a recurring theme in my discussions with her, that seemed to incorporate feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of my next step both personally or professionally. Privately I hoped she'd be able to make me feel like not running and hiding under my bedroom covers and perhaps help me understand how I could magically create a future that included lots of money, and virtually no stress to get it.

She asked me to close my eyes, and she led me through a relaxing visioning exercise that at first seemed pretty far fetched because i felt anything but relaxed and open to receiving guidance and wisdom from the great beyond, especially with the past year on my mind. I did however grab a blanket and considered taking a quick nap while she was quietly speaking to me. As I listened to her voice I gradually started to relax, and breathe more deeply.

I listened to her speak and I followed her voice, and let her take me through the exercise. Ironically I found myself deeply relaxed inside my head doing dishes at a kitchen sink? I thought briefly that perhaps my deepest inner desire included perhaps a more intimate relationship with Cascade Dish Detergent, but the vision continued with me looking out the window where I could see a meadow with flowers and sunshine. A breeze blew through the windows, and I could see myself…at peace, while I happily washed dishes in all my domestic glory.

She led me through the rest of the vision which lasted for about 15 minutes and brought me through my five senses, my location, my inner feeling in that place, my career, and my family, and what my life would look like in January 2010, so in other words, my vision was not about getting there…but already being there.

When she was done I sat up and looked at her and told her "I don't think I did it right."
She laughed and asked me "why not?"
I told her there was no crowds of people, no chaos, no loud parties, no investors, no travel, no crisis, no busyness, and she smiled and asked me if that's what I wanted?

I told her in my vision I was wearing a sundress, and I felt relaxed and beautiful and I was not worried about money. I had what I needed, and I felt successful and completely and utterly satisfied with where I was at in my life. She smiled and told me that it must be what i want otherwise my vision would have been different.

"Are you sure?" I asked her. "I thought for sure I should be in a business suit with a portfolio in my hand and lots of board rooms, and a bottle of Excedrin in my handbag."

"I guess not" she said.

I couldn't shake the feeling that my body had been invaded by another life force or an alter ego, but as I sat clipping the pictures for the vision board she had me build I began to accept that perhaps my inner spirit was telling me something, and I could actually have a year that entailed a successful career AND be at peace and in harmony with my surroundings, and feel revived and relaxed instead of overwhelmed and depleted both emotionally and physically.

I'm still a little unsure of how this will all happen, but she told me to "thank" the universe in advance – as if I already have what it is I want….

So here goes:

"Dear Universe- I am grateful for the peace, love, and inspiration I have in my life. I am thankful for the abundance of money and the freedom from worry or anxiety. I am also grateful for my health and the love and support of my family and friends, and for the wildly successful book series I wrote. Thank you for the amazing six pack that used to be my belly, the radiant skin, and the lack of wrinkles on my face."

I am pretty happy with my vision board so far- and I think it does in fact portray what I would like my life to look like. Jody said that the goal is to keep the board near me so I can add to it, or be reminded or look at it so that as I move through the year I can be present to the gifts the universe brings my way.

Here it is so far….

For more information on creating a vision board you can look into this book that she highly recommended. The Vision Board – The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz or visit Christine Kane's Blog and she can take you through a step by step.

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