Cradle to Cradle – Inspiration for a bright Green Future

I have gone through many moods ever since I became an environmental activist. First there was my "calling" -I felt concerned; so much so I decided to start my own non-profit Green Wave, to step back into a reality I shared with others (as I was slipping into pacifist yogic bliss) and "be the change I wished to see in the world" as recommended by Gandhi ;)

My next phase of moods was worry. Starting to read about everything going on in the world, you can become deeply concerned, maybe depressed. I read information from various non-profit groups: Rainforest Alliance Network, Food and Water Watch, Vote Hemp, Organic Consumers Association, Earthjustice, Care2, Twilight Earth, to name a a few. I also became incredibly worried after watching an Inconvenient Truth.

Anger. That was my next mood. It can give you fire. It can be the flame under your bum that makes you get up and do something but ultimately that is not the place I want to eternally come from. I believe in peace and you cannot be peaceful if your thoughts are constantly warring others. You can be peaceful and have a difference of opinion -it's a se la vie attitude. I cannot promote anger and intolerance. I have to remind myself that those that are not on board with the green movement … they just don't understand because if they did, it would be impossible for them to want to not want to make changes in their lives. I realize, going full circle, that this is my mission to raise awareness in people so they do understand the consequences of our choices. I do try to refrain from being overly and distastefully passionate, however I do still like to indulge in strong messages that I don't mind wearing. I don't have to say anything, people just have the option to read my shirts. If you are looking for some cool shirts to express the ideas you are feeling, check out,,

I have realized about myself that for the last year I have stayed in a place of almost punkish angst. I felt like it was making me productive by fueling my ambitions but I also felt it was melting the bliss I had so carefully worked on through my practice of yoga. Sometimes you cannot necessarily change your mood. You would be denying how you really feel. So I have been riding out my angst, patiently awaiting the day I would cultivate the compassion necessary to relieve the angst of it's duty and yet sustain my efforts. I feel a book did this for me and it was Cradle to Cradle.

Cradle to Cradle gave me the hope I needed to feel that our future would be bright. The book presents itself in a way that alerts you to some of the mishaps of our current ways of business and why the world is the way it is (heading in the direction of "not so good") to genuine hope. The authors, William McDonough & Michael Braungart, work together with corporations to create new products that are not just eco-friendly from conception, but go full circle and are able to have a productive, and renewing uses at the end of their product lives.

What I realized from my business education is this; corporations will do what is in their best interest. Ultimately, the cradle to cradle philosophy will be the best option for any corporation. Once they figure this out, the same companies that may have destroyed our planet, may revolutionize our world for the better. There is some education that will be involved, and perhaps steep legislation that needs to be passed before the companies "wake up" but once they do, we're in for a good treat. So once again my mood has changed and I will just go with and encourage you to #KeepHopeAlive.

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