Contributing Back to the Local Community

The Local "Slow Money" movement poses a simple thought question for you:

 ** What would the world be like if we invested 50% of our money within 50 miles of where we live?

** What if there were a new generation of companies that gave away 50% of their profits?

** What if there were 50% more organic matter in our soil 50 years from now?


The movement is working towards establishing food security and more abundant "food sheds" within local communities.


When you purchase your food and it's travelled 3000 or more miles, you pay the additional price of gas, trucking fees, interstate transport, and foreign or far-away workers. 


Five steps to consider:


  • Consider investing in your local economy by supporting a local farmer, artisan, or vendor.
  • Consider purchasing all your food locally – grown within a 150 mile radius, if possible.
  • Consider buying organic, natural, sustainable, recycled/upcycled, and artisan/handmade products.
  • Consider being a part of a food coop, CSA, barter, or sharing economy.
  • Consider moving all your material possessions through freecycle, Craigslist, or circles of acquaintances: especially items likes toys and games, children's clothes, shoes, or other items that can get a lot of usage.


 We can strive towards self-sufficiency and support of our local economies. This year, move away from the Wal-mart and toward the Farmer's Marketplace. Move away from Amazon and toward your artisan jeweler, independent bookstore, or vintage shop. Stop going to the chain restaurant and support the local ethnic restaurant. 


We can move the economy towards sanity, productivity, and security – one decision at a time. 

Monica S. Flores, web developer at 10kWebdesign, believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She creates effective, engaging websites for women-owned companies, green businesses, and progressive organizations: her focus is on organic, holistic, fair trade, and sustainable work, and she's committed to Drupal development. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear. She runs The Greater Equator, a luxury online marketplace of eco-friendly products, and Green Business Women, a directory of green women in business.

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