Coming back Clean

Just last week The Crystal Method shot their video for their second single, "Come back Clean". It was my first time on the set of a music video and I was eager to check it out how it works, and of course from an eco-angle.

The "Green Room" TCM in the back seat of a taxi
The "Green Room"

As always, bottled water was a perpetrator… hard to get around it seems in the these entertainment fields. Many people don't feel comfortable drinking tap water and typically venues do not seem to provide filtration or even water stations so we have gotten ourselves into the bad habit of single use water bottles. Even if someone wanted to fill it up again, if they are not comfortable with tap water, they have no other option unless equipped with an Eco-usable than to have another single use bottle of water.

Recycling was available
Recycling was available

I had some excitement though as right I walked to the location garage where catering is, there were two big recycling bins in front of the door; "Smash it" cans. Unfortunately, most people seem to be in terrible habits and would toss bottles into the trash anyway either on the other side of the recycling cans or or the trash cans that were closer to set. It's almost as if we need just as many recycling cans always AND it needs to say BOLDLY to people "RECYCLE HERE" . I never really get the impression that people don't care, but that most often they are just not aware enough to care or it could be they are just not leaders … they don't recycle because it's not immediately accessible or they don't see anyone else doing it. Convenience kills.

The back of our Hybrid Escape -salvaging the food & recyclables
The back of our Hybrid Escape -salvaging the food & recyclables

I had to do some mild sorting throughout the time I was there. It was at the end of the night where I felt I really made a difference. It's It incredible how much waste is actually created from a shoot just with catering. I had left the building because the air conditioning had frozen my nose. I needed to be out in the natural heat so I went out to the garage by catering. It was toward the end of the shoot so some of the production assistants were starting to clean the catering. I saw them throw one of the aluminum pans away with food and then I spoke up "you can recycle aluminum. I'll take all that if you are just going to throw that away". So I did. I packed the car with rest of the catering food to where I new I could put the food in the compost and rinse off so I could recycle the aluminum pans and foil. It may have been the first time they really thought it was an option that someone could take it home but I could tell that it was not the first time they had a moment of guilt about throwing the food away. I saw hesitation initially although I was not sure what I was sensing for sure until they did throw that first pan away. In that moment I brought to the top of their consciousness a new option and not in theory, I made it real. The "Yes! someone can actually do this". I know somehow it will make them more conscientious and down the line they will either take it upon themselves to take similar actions or talk about it how they saw someone "take the catering home one night" and that will cause someone else to think and perhaps feel inspired to take it on. It's kind of like the song … think about what you're doing, don't blame it on anyone or anything else, and come back (although in this case to yourself) with a clean conscience. I think for a lot of people somewhere deep down, unless they are completely oblivious, it bothers them. There is a "that sucks but oh well". We cannot let others do things for us, it's like Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". I know I have taken that to heart. I based the formation of my company upon that quote.

I saw those P.A.'s later on and they thanked me again.

Me, the Green Geisha & my trusty dog Scratch that looks suspiciously like a cat

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