Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Victoria Bogdan

Congratulations to Victoria Bogdan this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

Victoria is a life long environmentalist – with a deep love of the out doors and an interest in learning how to make life on our planet sustainable both for humans and the other animals that we share the earth with. The following is a wonderful overview of her background and her motivation…


Nature, and because of that, conservation, are core values to my life and career. I have always been drawn to science, and have vivid memories of hiking with my avid outdoors man uncle and quizzing him about nearly every plant and bird we saw. But realizing the critically important roles that the natural world plays happened only recently, after I graduated college and moved to San Francisco.

I arrived on the West Coast to find a job working for with refugees. The job interview I got was with an environmental nonprofit – The Nature Conservancy. As I researched their work, it dawned on me that helping people help themselves often means helping them use their own natural resources sustainably, or by protecting and preserving biodiversity for the "ecosystem benefits" themselves. Solutions for both people and nature! I was hooked.

I've now been with that The Nature Conservancy for four years, and it's my job to write grants to raise money for people doing conservation work around the globe. I now own my own naturalist guidebooks, am taking biology classes, and have learned how to "read" landscapes and habitats. I live by the ocean and explore new natural places whenever I can. I volunteer with a group called Future Problem Solving that presents realistic futuristic scenarios to school-aged children and asks them to evaluate the possible environmental impacts of new technologies.


I truly believe that the human species is a part of– not separate from, or above– the earth's intricate and balanced natural systems. We can't pretend as if our actions are without consequence, just because we may not immediately see or understand what those consequences may be. In order to keep this whole beautiful, awe-inspiring, and life-supporting planet running, humans need to make responsible choices at all scales.

Which is why I'm so excited about my new project, a free blogging platform site called There, I am hoping to cultivate a community of individuals who share their passion for the planet. Whether people want to write about green lifestyle tips, environmental news, earth science, great hikes– it's all valuable. I've learned so much from others along my journey, and sharing ideas and engaging in constructive debate can only help us all grow.

Congratulations again to Victoria – and keep up your wonderful work!

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