Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Shilpi Misra

Congratulations to Shilpi Misra this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

Shilpi is a High School student in Tennessee, and has been involved with several eco-organizations including working with The Climate Project (TCP) and Inconvenient Youth- both of which have their roots in the importantwork of former Vice-President Al Gore. We met Shilpi through our friends at TCP, and have been very impressed with her. In addition to her school work and current efforts – Shilpi has written several posts for us – and will soon be posting several videos that she and her classmates have made!


 The following is a breif bio that we asked Shilpi to prepare so that we would all get to know her and appreciate her great work…

From a young age, my parents immersed me into political, social, environmental realms filled with over arching agendas and predisposed ideas. As I matured, I noticed an increasing interest in expressing my views and opinions through my words and actions. Many people say actions speak louder than words, but this girl begs to differ.


 At age 15, I began my first internship with CoolPeopleCare, a media and lifestyle company that connected non-profits with the public in order to save the world. Here, I worked as a Social Media Intern, informing the readers with weekly and sometimes daily articles about ways they could connect with non-profit organizations to volunteer their time. Secondly, I also worked to attract young people, who cared about the environment, to come to the site, and work to educate their peers. In addition, a main focus of my bosses was to educate young people about the growing opportunities to save the earth through volunteering, raising awareness, and lifestyle choices. Needless to say, I learned everything under sun about how to inform the masses about everyday trends. Meanwhile, I began volunteering with organizations like Kids F.A.C.E , the localenvironmental club at my school, and even started buying local produce!

Next came, work with Inconvenient Youth, a branch off of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

I am still continuing my work as an intern and as the resident youth angle. And voila! Like that, came this fantastic opportunity, to come and write for The Climate Community, and what a great experience it has been.

As of now, I'm a junior in high school, and looking forward to new prospects while continuing my academic career in college and post-graduate studies – most likely dealing with environmental health and potentially working as a public health advocate. Moreover, I'm hoping to learn more efficient ways to communicate. There are so many brilliant teens and young adults of all ages that have the potential to contribute a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. And luckily for me, I've been grouped into that. Although, that is probably a cruel joke. Regardless, my main objective is to (hopefully)inspire one person, and more across the globe to communicate and share their concerns about the all-important Earth.

We are very proud to have Shilpi as one of our winners – and as one of our authors! Keep up the great work!

Learn more about Allisyn & Become part of the community & learn more by visiting The Climate Community


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