Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Sara Bayles

Congratulations to Sara Bayles, this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

We first met Sara through her work with Team Marine at Santa Monica High School, but quickly came to realize that her love of the environment and care for young people and their understanding and activism lead her in many directions. One of the most interesting efforts Sara has made is reflected in her devotion to the beach and ocean, and in that regard Sara began a blog/journal of her daily beach clean up efforts. It is an amazing journey – and a lesson to all of us as to the importance of an individuals efforts – and also the scale of the challenges we face.


The following is a brief bio that Sara put together for us…

Sara is the author of the blog; The Daily Ocean which is one person’s experiment to see how much trash can be collected in 365 days from her local beach. She does this on 365 non-consecutive days, on the same beach, for only 20 minutes at a time, and weighs her findings. To date she has taken over 440 pounds of trash off her local beach with over 200 days to go. Sara believes that beach cleanups are an effective platform to start the discussion of plastic pollution and marine debris plaguing our oceans, but that the job only begins there. By making a commitment to implement activism into her full life, she hopes to be an example that you can make a change right now, right here in your life just the way it is. And that all of our efforts accumulate to make a difference.

Sara is the volunteer mentor for Team Marine at Santa Monica High School in California. Team Marine is a small group of eco-activist students focusing on raising awareness about plastic marine pollution and climate change among other environmental problems. Sara recently went to Sacramento with Team Marine to participate in the third annual Ocean’s Day. They lobbied for ocean conservation legislation and Team Marine received an Ocean Hero Award.

 She is a member of her local Surfrider Chapter, and participates in the Teach and Test Club also at Santa Monica High, which conducts water quality monitoring, and mentors middle school students through the process.

Follow her at and on twitter @thedailyocean
You can also email her at

We are thrilled to have Sara as our winner this week – keep up the great work!

Learn more about Allisyn & Become part of the community & learn more by visiting The Climate Community.


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