Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Robert van Waarden

Congratulations to Robert van Waarden this weeks' Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

We met Robert recently through his amazing coverage of the Copenhagen talks and have gotten to know and respect the work he does helping the world see the impact of climate change on our planet. (be sure to check out his work at …robert van waarden photography)

Oman - National Geographic Traveler

Robert is a Dutch/Canadian photographer based in the Netherlands that focuses on climate and travel photography. He believes in the power of photography and the power of the individual to make a difference. Through documentation of the social and natural world we can shift the world towards a more sustainable future.

Global Day of Action in Copenhagen - Denmark.

His experience around the world, the people he has encountered, and the landscapes he has photographed have led him to turn his lens on the most important issue facing humanity, Climate Change. To this effect, he has spent the last two years focusing on the geographical and social responses to a changing climate. Believing that to solve the conservation issues of our time we must also focus on the social change, he has focused on the youth demographic advocating change. These images have been published internationally at UN conferences and in outlets across the globe. His recent projects include: photographing the British Council Cape Farewell Youth Expedition, climate photography in the mountains of Norway, and travel photography in Oman for National Geographic Traveler. His portfolio shows a rich variety of images selected from his photographic travels to over 30 countries. Portraits of Indonesia; Greenland landscapes, the high Pamir plateau of Central Asia, the deserts of Oman, a transatlantic voyage, and the urban-scape's of North American, European and Asian cities.


VanWaarden's clean and traditional style has appeared in major national and international outlets. Including: National Geographic Traveler, Canadian Geographic, CNN, the British Council, UNEP publications and many other NGO publications. His images have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Trafalgar Square, London; Parliament Hill, Ottawa; the British Embassy, Washington; the Cinema Planeta Film Festival in Mexico; Cairo, Egypt; and the Banff Centre for Mountain Culture in Canada.

Once again – congratulations to Robert, and keep up your amazing work!

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