Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Rachel Tamigniaux

Congratulations to Rachel Tamigniaux this weeks Climate Community Citizen of Week.

We have gotten to know Rachel over the past several months and have found her to be an excellent writer on environmental issues. Fortunately for us she has become one of our contributing authors – so please keep an eye out for her posts!

The following is a little further background on Rachel:

Rachel Tamigniaux is a contributing writer for the green living blog, The Chic Ecologist. She graduated from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, with a Masters of Science in Environmental Social Science. She completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2008. With experience working for both the EPA and the non-profit sector, Rachel enjoys learning and writing about the environmental and sustainability movement in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Topics of interest include grassroots environmentalism, social research, environmental justice, community building, sustainability, green-living, eco-culture, eco-travel, green jobs and environmental literature.

Find her on Twitter as @rtamigniaux, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you have any ideas for green living articles or recommendations for job opportunities, you can contact her by email at

Congratulations again to Rachel and keep up the great work!

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