Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Nikos Spiridakis

Congratulations to Nikos Spiridakis this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!


dsc_0414_edited-1 Nikos is now our youngest winner – he is 12 years old – and yest a devoted advocate for saving our planet, and chainging our way of looking at the world. As you will see below Nikos is the creator of an amazing short film on the topic of oil and the impact emissions have on our atmpsphere. We have seen his film on various web sites and were impressed from the very first time we saw it!

The following is a little background on Nikos… Nikos Spiridakis, age 12, has always had visual ideas when it comes to telling stories and is inspired by things he encounters in everyday life. He came up with the idea for the Global Warming PSA, *Save It *while sitting in a car at a gas station. He was able to get it made under the mentoring of producer, Marshall Herskovitz and his godfather, Tony Goldwyn who appears in the PSA with Nikos' little brother, Dimitri. It has since been viewed on YouTube where it premiered at #2 for non-profits as a 1Sky PSA. It played as well on CNN and MSNBC, the nights of the October 2008 Presidential Debates and has since been released on Weinstein Home Video DVD's such as *THE READER*.


Nikos became the Jr. Goodwill Ambassador of a Renewable Energy Organization and received his honor at a United Nations Ceremony, along with other honorees, John Paul DeJoria *(CEO of Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron)* and Josh Tickell *(Director of FUEL). *His PSA has been featured by Josh Tickell at screenings of *FUEL* where Nikos also participated in an Earthday panel. He was selelcted as a guest speaker for the LA IDEA Project in the fall of 2009. Nikos' PSA will be shown at the AVATAR Earth Day Celebration on Earth Day Celebration 2010 in Los Angeles. Nikos hopes his video can help to educate Governments and Corporations around the globe to the urgency the children of our planet feel in asking us to "Save It"for their future. …. We are very proud to know Nikos, and wish him the best of luck! Keep up the great work….!

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