Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Morgan Goodwin

Congratulations to Morgan Goodwin this week’s Climate Community Citizen of The Week.

As always we try to recognize a very special young person each week, and this week, in the case of Morgan we have a young person who not only has built a wonderful climate and activist track record – but who had shown us that he has the courage to ask questions – like “why is The Climate Community relevant to me….” and once satisfied with the answer…is willing jump on board and pitch in as one of our authors.

We met Morgan through his work at where he is a writer. In fact he shared a post with us while he was in Copenhagen last year. It has been our pleasure to get to know Morgan and to have him challenge (in a constructive way) our work at The Climate Community. It is in fact the very essence of the young generation we try to reach out to – ask questions – do not just take for granted the world around them (you!), but then be ready to dig in and help!

 The following is a short bio Morgan shared with us: Morgan is a wandering climate activist, a job well suited to blogging about the youth climate movement all over the world. He organized at Williams College until his abrupt and unfortunate graduation in 2008. There, he was a Chinese major, student body co-president and one of the leaders of Thursday Night Group, the campus climate action group. Since graduating, in no particular order, Morgan has worked on a community energy efficiency campaign in western Mass, co-directed NH SPROG for the SSC and worked on Power Vote in Cleveland. He spent two months travelling in China, meeting youth climate activists and learning about the solar hot water business. He worked on Long Island for a solar and wind company doing home evaluations and sales. And he spent the better part of a year in DC at the Avaaz Action Factory causing trouble for a good cause.
Morgan is passionate about empowering young activists to think big and tell their stories to the world. He is one of the managing editors of and is a member of the Energy Action Coalition Digital Communications team. In his free time, Morgan likes getting into the mountains on foot, on two wheels or a pair of skis. Growing up in the Adirondacks of New York State, his connection with the outdoor world goes back as far as he can remember, and as soon as we solve the climate crisis that’s exactly where he’s heading back to.


We expect great things from Morgan over the years and look forward to being able to watch his impact on his generation and on the world around him. Congratulations again and keep up the great work!

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