Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Miranda M

Congratulations to Miranda, this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

We met Miranda through our friends at Roots and Shoots. Miranda has been doing great work with young people in her community and has especially been a great worker for Roots and Shoots.


Miranda M. is a junior member of Colony High School Roots & Shoots in California. Amongst her peers she is notorious for her passion, heart, and boundless energy! Not only is she Vice President of her Roots & Shoots club at school but she is a member of the school student body and a California Roots & Shoots council member. Miranda is one of 13 members on Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots California Youth Leadership Council who help to guide and oversee the community work of thousands of groups and youth in the state. Miranda has done significant community work to help the environment, animals, and human community. However, she says her real passion is with animals. She believes that if people don’t take responsibility and speak for the earths creatures then they are left voiceless and vulnerable.

Miranda first became involved in community work when a teacher inspired her to join the school Roots & Shoots club where she is the advisor. After her first few projects she was fully committed to making change happen and sought out as many opportunities to get involved as she could. Miranda recognizes the symbiotic relationship connecting the environment, animals and human community. Her amazing spirit and heart is an inspiration to everyone around her. For this reason, she was selected to represent Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program along with other youth around the nation when they will travel to Tanzania next summer. She is currently fundraising for her trip and participating in activities to prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Congratulations Miranda for the amazing impact you have on the environment around you and for being this weeks Climate Community Winner of the Week!!!

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