Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Joe Magee

Congratulations to Joe Magee this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

Joe Magee is a co-founder of PineMark, the first green lifestyle certification. A life long nature lover and avid surfer, Joe has had an appreciation of the environment since he was very young. After finishing his MBA and quitting a job at a Fortune 500 company, he helped create PineMark to educate and reward individuals for reducing their ecological impact. Joe describers our environmental problems, According to Joe – "We do not need lots of little steps, our situation is dire. We need millions of HUGE steps immediately!"


We really like what Joe and PineMark are trying to do and what they stand for – living a cleaner – greener lifestyle and doing so in a manor that can be measured!

Congratulations again to Joe – and PineMark – keep up the great work!

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